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Report - Nocton Hall, Lincoln - Jan 2015


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Hi guys, so as I said in my previous report, I have been ghosting this site for quite some time and therefore haven't uploaded all of the content from my visits! (Hence the date being January on this post)
Nocton Hall was the second of my visits in Lincolnshire whilst I have been studying here and is definitely my favourite place I've seen so far (baring in mind, I am a noob and haven't been doing this long!).
Waking up earlier, me and my housemate travelled up to Nocton, finding the hall to be pretty much smack-bang in a car-park, which was really helpful :laugh .
Clambering around the back of the site on a 0 degrees morning, we saw the mass of fences blocking our path. As it was genuinely freezing outside, the fences were majorly slippy and hard to climb. Once we'd got over and got our bearings, all we could do was look in awe. The place and the surroundings looked fantastic, covered in frost - to say the least, it made up really excited to get inside.

So, just a little bit of history - "The hospital was originally built in 1940 but hadn’t even been used when it was decided that it was too small to be an RAF hospital and another hospital was built in a different location in the county.

In 1945, (the end of the war,) Nocton Hall hospital was chosen to be the RAF general hospital for Lincolnshire and several new buildings were erected on the site in 1946, with the hospital officially opening in 1947.

By 1966 the hospital had most of the facilities needed for a normal hospital due to the fact that buildings such as a maternity ward, operating theatres and a neuro-psychiatric ward had been built and opened as well as a few others. In 1983 the 740 bed hospital was closed, only to be leased to the US armed forces in 1984 to be a US Air Force wartime contingency hospital, which was used during the Gulf War but only 35 casualties were treated there during this war."

Although, for the most part it was silent, we did have one experience whilst in there. Walking down a small corridor we noticed an open door, which I was just about to open - thankfully not. As I stepped to see through the gap in the doorway, I spotted a very brand new looking duvet on the bed MOVE in the room. To say the least, I shit myself because I didn't expect a squatter to be a resident at the hall! With my housemate worrying, we swiftly made our exit onto another corridor and continued our adventure!

I hope you enjoy the pictures, this place really was a treat to look around!

A freezing cold day!

Beyond the fences

And we're in!

I didn't last long in here without my torch!

Well that concludes my trip to Nocton Hall - I must say, the state it's in, although quite upsetting, is also very pretty!
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