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Report - - RAF Nocton Hall, Lincoln - 29/01/07 | Military Sites |

Report - RAF Nocton Hall, Lincoln - 29/01/07

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Well, as a birthday treat to myself, me and Honest Rabbit decided we'd take a trip down to Lincoln for the day. With the idea of doing St Johns and RAF Nocton, we were pretty much set but this turned into one of our most farsical explores to date.

Got to St Johns bang on time at 12 noon. Had a wonder round the outside only to see contractors coming towards us, we made a quick about turn and 30 seconds later there was a great deal of shouting. A quick scarper was in order as this guy was coming for us!! Getting outside of the fence we got out of his way. We located another entrance but with it being in plain view we decided we'd come back later tonight and have a crack when the contractors had gone home. A quick sandwich and then off to Nocton.

Bearing in mind we were using public transport we were soaking up our luck until we got on the bus to Nocton. Having no idea where this place was we drove through the damn village and didn't bat an eyelid until we saw signs pointing the other way. The bus driver kindly dropped us off in the middle of nowhere between villages and a bloody long trek back to Nocton ensued. Found a map detailing the location and headed off. Had to avoid the local toffs shooting in the fields but found the place nice and easy but getting pissed off with the fence in the way. Having walked the two or three miles around the whole perimiter we arrived back in the village and sat disheartened in the late afternoon in the grounds of their church, contemplating heading back home to Leeds. I had a quick number 1 behind a bush and discovered a little lane and with a 'we'll just see whats down here and if not, we'll head back' we finally located Nocton Hall! Wahey!

From here we had a good time in the hall completely unaware that if we had just traversed the rubble we would have been able to get into far more than we were actually looking at!! Trying to decide if we should go from here to look around the base we had to think of getting back. A lucky timing for the last bus through the village and we were on our way home.

Needless to say it was a complete cock up of a day, but we'll be back soon knowing how badly we messed up... here's the pics....