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Report - - North Wales hospital Denbigh 13/10/07 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - North Wales hospital Denbigh 13/10/07

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Explored with PerfectZebra...

Sorry about the eppic report....

A nice early start in the morning haze and I am loaded in the car with more gear than is healthy....

Several long hours later we were standing on Denbigh castle staring open mouthed at the shear scale of the hospital in the valley below.

A quick check of equipment and it was 'game on' Access was nothing special and in little time atall we were inside the kitchen area and began heading into the heart of the hospital trying to see as many of the little side passages and rooms as possible.

We very quickly realised that the floors inside are like a minefield! Every step you take the floor would bounce and creak under the weight of even a lightweight like me.

In the heart of the labarynth of corridors we found the hall, complete with burned out stage and multiple holes in the floor. A bit of a chill out in the projector room and a look at the infamous hidden ceiling we headed to admin where things got interesting.

The floors in admin are literally hanging on by threads. They have totally collapsed in some places...Even using doors to cross some of the gaps its potentially lethal.

Maybe it was a stupid idea, but very very cautiously we headed up the stairs in admin right to the top of the tower....There were holes in the floor everywhere and the entire place feels like its going to let go at any moment.

having seen most of the place we still couldnt locate the morgue. We crissed crossed back across the vast site gettting disorientated in the dark passages and quite frequently having to pop outside to find our bearings. We even climbed the coke silos to try and get figure it out...(this possibly gave out presence away)

After a while, we gave up and decided to head outside to take exterior shots of admin....This is where it got interesting.

As we rounded the corner outside admin a white van pulled up outisde the gate and a chap got out and started unlocking it.... At that point we pegged it back inside and headed back across the building towards our exit...

The security van was driving around the outside of the building, obviously looking for us... As we left the main building complex we was...the we dived inside and setup the cameras.... just as the shutter was about to be released the damn van pulled up outside...I dont think I have moved so fast in my life...We hid behind the fridge, just intime...the guy appeared at the window..took a good look inside, popped the board back against the window and drove off....CLOSE CALL!!!! We were just about to lift the slab back onto the plinth...not sure how we would have explained that one, had he caught us in the act....

As we walked back to the car along the main road we saw Mr security drive past a couple of times.... A quick retreat and we were sat once again ontop of the castle watching Mr security with a big lens:thumb...

All in all an awsome day...And thanks to PZ for driving and a quality tune:thumb

I have put together a short video...

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