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Report - North Yorkshire tower crane.

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Been wanting to climb this crane since I first saw it months ago. It stands at 37.5M, so only a small one. However, it's a pretty flat area so there is a good view to be had, it is just my photography that is going to let this explore down, and I was at it for ages trying variations on every setting the camera offered.

It was a Wolff crane, with a straight ladder to the top with side platforms where the sections join. It had a safety wire running adjacent to the ladder. We gave the crow's nest a miss. Would have loved it, but the idea of a couple of rungs of 12mm square bar welded on only one end seemed a bit like pushing my luck.

Climbed with Mr Optimist, without who I would still be up there now trying to get the camera to take a better picture.

Photo attempt at saddle jib;




Some of this picture almost looks OK, but even so we have the nasty streaks of light accross the horizon


No idea how long I perservered for, but this roundabout is usually busy with taxis all night.


Again, it's all deserted down there. Only a group of girls making there way home could be heard, and seen, but not in this picture...


This is the picture I wanted. But despite many shots, it is still way too dark, and increasing exposure time just made it streaky.
The 'eye' big wheel can be seen between the cathedral. .


If only I could have brightened the cathedral walls up a bit and pulled the 'eye' in a bit closer.

Anyway, a really enjoyable explore all the same.

Also, thanks for the advice members gave me earlier this year about this subject. The little tripod was a good buy.