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Report - Nottingham Catacombs - Nottingham - Jan 11'


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Hi there, last Friday me and my mate visited the catacombs under the rock cemetery in Nottingham. They are barred shut but we managed to find a way in and explore them. Unfortunately after a morning expecting a substantial cave system we were left feeling a little disappointed when we found that the caves were all blocked off. Basically you come out at a junction with five different pathways off but each of these different routes are blocked, as shown in the map below.

It was a rather strange place to check out, especially after reading the history of it relating to the apparent satanic ritual abuse that took place down there in 1990. Anyway, very difficult to focus the camera as it is so dark so I had to manual focus. Good explore but not very extensive.









Hope this first report is ok!



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Not a bad first explore mate,if you are struggling to find focus with the dark try using a decent torch to spot an area to focus in on then switch to manual to keep it there

six year old report..i doubt you care about your focus issues
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Bit late here, but I'm pretty sure the map is from the book 'Sandstone Caves of Nottingham' by Tony Waltham. It's been through a few editions but a version of was still being sold at the tourist caves at the Broadmarsh last time I went. If I've managed to insert it right (I may not have) I've attached a different scale map from the same book. It's pretty good, and has some decent surveys of places like Rouses's Sand mine and several of the pub caves.


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