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Question - Nottingham Subways?


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Looking at some old pictures of Maid Marian Way has got me thinking... does anything remain of the old subways of Nottingham?

As you can imagine, it is difficult to google due to the amount of restaurants by the same name in our city. As far as I understand, I think they have all been sealed up but surely they can't have all been filled with cement?


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If you mean the caves and tunnels, they are accessible at certain places in the city but mostly these are permission visits,

Huckleberry Finn

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For a time (?) there were pedestrian subways midway along Maid Marian Way around the junction/ intersections with Friar Lane and a hollowed-out /sunken open-air 'island' between the two carriageways.

In the centre of this area was a small newsagent/tobacconist kiosk. I think there were half a dozen or so benches within this area which was about 20-30 feet in circumference.

I'm not sure when this subway system was first opened sometime before 1984? It was filled in when Maid Marion Way carriageways were levelled off but I struggle to put an exact date on it - probably around the turn of the Millenium?

If you look through old archive material you should be able to find photos/footage of this feature, and get a handle on the exact dates - but I fear that there's currently little of any tangible interest to explore.

Hopefully this information helps to satisfy your curiosity?...

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