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Report - Nuclear Bunker - Somewhere in East Germany

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28DL Full Member
I'm not being secretive here, I just have no concept of where this was. OT's SatNav chick might have half an idea, although to be fair she didn't even want to take us to Lubeck, so maybe she doesn't.

Anyway we're heading down some euro highway, and I see a chimney, by absolute co-incidence there's a junction right at it so we pull off and drive up to it. As usual chain link fence > well worn path > no brainer entry.

The site was two in one, some crappy trashed 70's incinerator plant and a nice but locked down mill from 1890 something. On the way out I noticed a
grass mound, doorway, in the hedge, just got to look in there and find...

Nuclear bunker\shelter in an ROC style but about 3 times the size, complete with working hand cranked filtered air intake pumps and blast proof air vents....

I found this bunker so I will name it Cyril. :rolleyes:

Were these provided for all minor public works buildings in East Germany or was this place something special???

Chimney, two ladders, check out the tagging:

Bunker Air Pumps, filter room and emergency exit behind the wall

Bunker, with two main rooms and (out of site ROC style toilet room)

Twin Blast doors with closable air vents (out of sight) seperately in ceiling. Unidentified stuff about two feet thick :confused: