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Report - Oakamoor Rail Sidings & Wreddon Quarry (Over Various Trips - Oct 2011)


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Boring History Bit = There > http://www.churnet-valley-railway.co.uk/main/railway.php

After seeing EveryoneFreezes post on a recent thread at the time saying he'd be up for a re-visit to Oakamoor, i used what ive got of a brain and pm'd him saying i'd like to join him..

Some weeks later i'm driving up from DemonHunters house to meet EveryoneFreezes and Bekkoir (sorry if i spelt it wrong :)) to meet them at Oakamoor.

We arrive just after the pre-arranged time and hellos were made. After trekking through the woods for 10mins, in the pitch black with very muddy paths, we made it to the Sidings :D

Mother Nature was nice to us that night as the weather was clear, with moon and stars out.. thankyou you hormonal bitch :Not Worthy

This was my first ever attempt at night shooting and after a quickie off EveryoneFreezes ;) i knew the basics..

Visited with DemonHunter, Everyone Freezes, Liz, and Bekkoir :thumb








Now on with Wreddon Quarry
History (Shamlessly stolen from layz)
Wredon Quarry sometimes confused with Wardlow Quarry, is a relatively recent quarry first opened in the 70s. The two quarries are next to each other and mainly provided limestone for the cement works at Cauldon low.
The quarries developed as two separate mining operations, but were later acquired by Tarmac. Tarmac then suspened mining operations in the mid 2000s as planning permission was required in order to consolidate the two workings into one large ‘Wardlow’ quarry.

Tarmac submitted a planning application in March 2010, which will be decided by December 2011 and looks likely to be granted.

This again was a night shoot and because it was cracking weather i used my mobile telephonic communication device to contact EveryoneFreezes again :thumb
He came along with Bekkoir and then later James_UK turned up, just as we were leaving..
Visited with DemonHunter, Liz and her cute ickle doggy, and Ravenwing93, til EF and Bekkoir showed up :thumb









After this picture, DemonHunter decided he wanted to shoot 1 more before we headed off. We said yeah okay, so i set the shots up and sorted out mine and his camera, started shooting and the next minute all i hear is "AAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH FUCK THATS SO FUCKING HOT!!!!!"

Turns out the wirewool had come out of the whisk and landed in his shoe :p he is now awaiting a skin graft on his ankle :thumb

cheers for looking :cool:

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