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28DL and UE in the News Oh dear


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...and those who state in posts that they only lurk to get locations (as someone did a few days ago)? ...obviously adding no value to the site?
Unless they make a donation to the site's running. Either way, there is or should be no such thing as a free lunch.


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The webb7 fella has posted reports in the past, this exploring with Amy appears to be dead wood though, soon be spring clean time anyway ;)
Appreciate all you say mate, problem is with these individuals, and there is no solution, they visit here get identified locations then, we’ll do what they do. Damned if you do damned if you don’t !


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At the end of the day it’s rife with sell out goons and I’ve said it before but YouTube etc is clogged with all these exploring with types trying to re-Invent the wheel with silly click bait videos of stuff most people have had the privilege of seeing over 2 decades without any fuss.

Prob best to leave ‘em all to it not like any of them are doing anything groundbreaking or amazing really.
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