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Report - Old College Buildings - Malvern - Oct 2011

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After reading Beccieread's fantastic reports about splores in Malvern in Worcester we decided to head down there to see some of the sites and whoa there are loads, Malvern is indeed an urbexers haven.

We visited the Orchard Hospital nearer to town but it's still sealed , Malvernbury Care Home that place is something else like the old dears are just out on a day trip, we felt like the 3 bears and the College buildings scattered about.

This report is for the closed down college buildings around the Abbey Road area the main building and the one that was later used as pre prep / nursery

The old nursery building



Its great to see a place in this condition after being to pretty trashed splores lately like Denbigh and Whittingham.






the basement reveals a more grungey decaying side to things


I thought this old fungi'ed piano was ace


and nature slowly starts to take back her claim


back up we go and then off to...


...the main college buildings just up the road


we found access a little tricky at first, there are a number of ways in, each catering to a different danger level, we chose the easiest.


we found the labs Yay!

Lab 1




full of all manner of chemistry experiments intrigue



I have to say at this point I was really enjoying taking pictures of all this stuff and spent an age trying to take a

clear picture of some odd silver powder after a while I left my camera on the tripod and had a proper mooch not been in a Lab like this since school many moons ago.

I examined a metal cannister that beared a warning label, proclaiming it contained a low level radioactive man made

isotope and that on no account should the chemical within be ingested, inhaled or allowed to go on the skin (can't

remember for the life of me what the chemical is now), the cannister was empty and some bellend had taken the brown

glass jar within , taken the lid off and done god knows what with some of the contents , the remainder of which, some white powder was still in the unlidded jar. I moved away QUICK.

As fun as Urbexing is I guess this is the kind of situation one can find themselves in, so having to assume that maybe
all is not just dust laying about we left behind this maybe or maybe not "dirty lab" wondering if perhaps my pee would glow in the dark later.

On to the Lab 2

This lab was not as busy with equipment and I noticed a lot of small empty wooden cases which turned out to be microscope boxes, the microscopes tho seemed to have vanished

There were still the odd apparatus about and more familiar stuff like VHS cassettes, a projector and a sealed glass tube full of huge wasps, you know the usual stuff.



until finally our splore here ended, the upper floors and the doors into the main grand looking listed bit were all locked tight.


Perhaps the other access points we found could have enabled a more thorough visit but we couldn't tell from our viewpoints whether they led into these parts but they did have the potential to leave us trapped.

Ah well it was getting late plus there was the Malvernbury Care Home across the road to visit yet , that was great too and later I was delighted to discover my pee didn't glow in the dark.

Malvern we will be back, this band of merry urbanauts has only seen a fraction of what there is around here.​


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same side as the college ? is there one there ? as that would not make sense for the college to have 2 gyms when its a small college if its what i think you mean the big building next to the college is a canteen ive got pics somewhere.
This is the gym across the road from the main college.
Becci do you mean the big white building as thats a canteen with living quarters.
this is the one i mean...same side as the pre prep...think its a sports hall for the college or a may be well wrong.




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