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Report - - Olney ROC Post Buckinghamshire Group 23/03/08 | ROC Posts |

Report - Olney ROC Post Buckinghamshire Group 23/03/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Got up early this morning to visit this post, thinking no one would be around like a farmer and I was right:) After parking the car up got out the old wellies and trudged across the field to the post. From the outside it looked shut up and I was just about to get my Torlif key out, but I was in luck as I opened the flap and lifted the hatch it swung open:thumb climbed down the shaft to be greeted by about 4 inches of water in the sump, tryed the hand pump to pump it out but it did not work:(
Anyway went in and found the already reported items as mentioned in previous reports on this post. This post has not been "chaved" in anyway with graffitti and it would be worth approaching the farmer to see about doing a small restoration on this post. I live locally and would volunteer my time for such a quest. I will have to seek him out:thumb This is the only surviving post in this corner of Buckinghamshire left, Bletchley, Stony- Stratford and Buckingham have all gone. Its got to be worth saving.:thumb Have to do some local research into the ROC in this area. When I left I secured the hatch with my trusty Torlif key. So its now shut.
Here are some pictures of it surface and sub-surface.


The main Hatch, the louvres for the vent are down in the bunker on one of the bunks.


The concrete render is coming away and is allowing water infiltration into the post. One corner of the room was pretty wet.


The chemical toilet is on the bunk along with the surface ventilation louvres, water infiltration in the corner of post.


4 inches of water lay in the sump at the bottom of the shaft.