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Report - Only Fools And Airfields - Stretton - Sep 2011 -

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He Never Even Got There
28DL Full Member

after id found the second bunker at the shell test track i made my way bk to where id parked the car.

over in the distance i noticed a yellow 3 wheeler ,and got my camera bk out and zoomed in and took a shot.

to my amazement it had trotters independent traders on the side it.

it was parked by some sort of garage that looked like someones garden backed onto the runway ,but it turned out it was some sort of bike parts place and the house next to it was owned by the same people who own the garages and when i drove around and asked the lady who came out to me can i take some pictures of the car ,she at first was asking me all kinds of questions like "why" "Are your going to sell your pictures" etc etc.....i really dont know why she ws being so secretive about it?

i said i was a fan of the show ,and id spotted the car while i was on the airfield photographing the wildlife, and after a while she gave me the keys to open it and get inside...yippee.

she said there was only 2 originals left and boxer ricky hatton has the other one she sometimes takes it to car shows but hasnt for a while

i understand forum rules and i know this isnt a car forum,but i was going to add these pictures to the end of my shell report but thought better not seeing as the lady was so kind to me.

i asked a mod if it was ok to post but i understand its down to the other mods so feel free to delete no hard feelings

the first glimpse of the van in question

close up of it


sticker used for when it was in shows




in the back

one of the blowup dolls that was used in the "Danger UXD" episode from 1989


and the furry dice

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