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Report - Origin Crane, Manchester - September 2010.


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Origin Crane, Manchester - Present Ojay, Millhouse & Doc-P.

Occupying one of Manchesters prime development sites the Origin cranes stand tall above the city.


I have passed the site many times, looking up and debating whether I should climb one of these beasts.

Tonight was that night. The area was bustling with piss heads & party goers, and as we stared up at the cranes one last time we new we would have to be quick as both cranes are in full view within the busiest part of Manchester.

The crane we chose, was the largest of the 2, a Wolffkran 100B Tower Crane with an underhook height of 63.8M (210ft).

Once in the site, we didn't hang around, straight up without stopping. We didn't appear to have been spotted on the way up either.

A short time later we were up, the views were stunning. We took a few minutes taking it all in before we grabbed our cameras for some shots.

Within 5 minutes a Police van had pulled up and then continued to circle around the majority of the time we were up there, turns out they hadn't seen us and paranoia was kicking in :eek:

It was quite chilled, watching the City buzzing below our feet, you could easily spend hours up here.

We grabbed a few shots and decided to get back down and out of the site as quickly as possible, not outstaying our welcome so to speak.

As we got about halfway down, I looked across and there was some guy stood at the back of a long line of Taxis on Whitworth St. staring right at us, we carried on down, and when I next looked there were now a few other taxi drivers stood watching us LOL.

"Fuck it, keep going and GTFO".

That we did, within minutes we were down & out of the site, heading back accross the City.

Some photos....










Shouts to Millhouse & Doc-P for a memorable climb, so glad I finally got my arse up there, I'm sure the guys will agree :thumb

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