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Report - - Oscars/Capital Theatre Restaurant, Aberdeen August 2008 | Leisure Sites |

Report - Oscars/Capital Theatre Restaurant, Aberdeen August 2008

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
The Captiol was an old Art Deco theatre in the city center.
It closed for regular film showings in the 1960s, but it was used also for occasional rock concerts until the late 1990s; it was largely moth-balled since 1998, except for the use of the restaurant as a bar called "Oscars".

The B-listed Art deco interior was extremely well preserved at this point.

Sadly permission was granted in 2002/3 for conversion to nightclubs, which saw the auditorium split horizontally to form two large bar/clubs, and the rear stage wall cut open to create a large glass wall and additional entrances.

The original art deco restaurant is now out of use and this is where i ended up =]

The front exterior when it was Oscars Bar.
Picture stolen from cinema website.


Inside the main entrance.
This is actually a dead end now, the door leads to nowhere.
The one at the other side leads to Chicago Rock. :gay


Stairs up to Jumping Jacks and the old Oscars.
Its seperated by a massive locked grate type thing.


Inside now its full of crap. Basically used as storage.


The main focal point in the middle of the bar.
I think an Oscar [movie award thing] stood on the top, but I couldn't find him.


And again.
You can see the original art deco lights.I love them!!!
Sadly a few have been smashed.




More crap lying everywhere.
Including paperwork, and staff application forms, etc.


A secret stairwell. which i didnt even know existed.


Hello :D


So yeah, just a wee place, but i LOVE art deco and I'm gutted about this place, 5 years too late as usual.
Would have loved to explored it when it was the theatre.


Punkus Explorus
28DL Full Member
Nice place, unfortunately councils doesn't share our appreciation for good architecture hence why the allowed this to be made into 2 clubs. Thankfully it's still standing :thumb
You've shot this nicely :thumb cheers for sharing