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Report - - Ouseburn Culvert, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland - (08/02/07) | UK Draining Forum |

Report - Ouseburn Culvert, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland - (08/02/07)

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Been down here before, a few years back. Thought it might be worth a look again and noticed it being mentioned on here so i thought i'd get on with it!.

A quick(ish) bit of history on the culvert, the ouseburn runs through east Newcastle through Jesmond dene to join the Tyne, but runs underneath Newington Road, Warwick Street and beneath the full length of the City Stadium in a tunnel. Basically this used to be a valley but in 1907 they built a half mile long ferro-concrete arch over the river and buried it with rubbish. As far as i can tell at some later point, possibly for use as a bomb shelter in WW2, a floor was added in the tunnel giving it a cross section like a capital A (but curved) with the water underneath and a floor above.

Access from the downstream end is easy, and just about dry letting you into both the top and the bottom sections. From the other end (towards the dene) you can only access the bottom section by wading through the water, although there is a hatch to take you down to the top level from the grass bank above which is pretty badly secured if you happened to have a large spanner with you:) .


The lower Bit


the upper section, lined at this point


A shored up section


The join between upper and lower halfway through


Shopping trolley a thousand yards in!


Theres a set of these (blast doors?) every now and then


and a bit of wartime paint too

And finally the bottom of the access hatch at the far end


and the top


And thats basically it, not much to see really . mind there were some fresh wet prints that wern't mine at the far end and some comedy 1970's graffiti!



No Apologys for length, but sorry my digicam is pap. it's my first post so try not to rip it to bits to fast!

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