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Report - Padded Cell, Royal Hospital Haslar G-Block - 2015


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Padded cells are few and far between now-a-days, so the opportunity to visit one doesn't present itself very often. So rare in fact, that I should imagine this will be the only padded cell I ever get the opportunity to visit, in situ and outside of a museum.

This particular padded cell is inside the 'G Block' of the Royal Hospital Haslar - a disused naval hospital on the south coast of England. G Block was established in 1910 as a purpose-built psychiatric unit and was comprised of 2 wards, each with 12 beds. G-Block served as an assessment centre and sailors requiring longer term treatment were transferred to a psychiatric unit at Great Yarmouth. The padded cell was built by Pocock Brothers, a company who were responsible for the creation of a few other similar padded cells around that time. In practice the cell was rarely used.

G-Block External

Staircase in the G-Block entrance lobby

Outside of the cell door. The makers plate has been removed.

Looking through the door into the padded cell

Inside the cell

Looking up at the door

Looking towards the back of the cell

Wider view of the padding

“When faith is kneeling by his bed of death”​


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great to see my old home again. ;)

"which one of you nuts has got any guts?"