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Report - Paldiski, Estonia (Oldschool Urbex)

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Short time listener, first time poster here.

I was going to post in the main UK based forums as a "hello", but I didn't really have any urbex experience. Which is a crime, as I live about two miles from Severalls.
However, I realised the other day that I did some urbex almost 10 years ago! I shall elaborate...

Back in 1998, whilst at university, a long-time internet friend in Estonia invited me over for a week. A university friend and I decided to take up the offer and fly to Tallinn one cold week in November, before it became the new stag-do capital. Some minimal research showed that that Paldiski might be interesting.

For those that don't know, to quote the Wikipedia:
In 1962, Paldiski became a Soviet Navy nuclear submarine training centre. With two land-based nuclear reactors, and employing some 16,000 people, it was the largest such facility in the Soviet Union. Because of its importance, the whole city was closed off with barbed wire until the last Russian warship left in August 1994. Russia finally relinquished control of the nuclear reactor facilities in September 1995.
Paldiski - Wikipedia

So, without further ado, some photos. Bear in mind I had only learnt to use an SLR a few weeks before. All photos link to larger versions on Flickr.






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Access was just a case of walking in, and waving at the security guard. Bear in mind that two English blokes in a town that predominately spoke Russian and Estonian, and maybe pidgeon English if we were lucky.

Only scary moment was when a guard dog appeared half way through wandering about. One of those almost film-like moments, where the chain on the dog stopped it a few feet from us.

I think that's it, I will elaborate more if people want me to.
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