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Report - Palladium Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai 2011


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Dubai really is an amazing place full off amazing towers, this tower is just a small one at 35 floors, a normal tower there is around 60-80 floors, With the tallest in Dubai which is the Burj Khalifa also the the tallest building/man made structure & free standing structure in the world at 162 floors/828 meters.

Whilst in Dubai I done this roof, the people there are very trusting and you can literally walk into places and get on the roofs... Like this one. I walked in the main lobby past security who said hello to me, straight to the lifts and up the 35th and onto the roof. Easy.

Anyway, the tower stands at 140m or 459ft and was opened in 2007 and floors 1-10 are offices the rest is apartments.

The roof gives some really good views but its hard to see far because of the insane heat making it very hazey, also with all the taller buildings around makes it feel really small.






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