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Report - - Pankstrasse Nuclear Shelter, Berlin. May 2007 | Underground Sites |

Report - Pankstrasse Nuclear Shelter, Berlin. May 2007

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OT - you suggested posting up the reports from Berlin .... here's the first one. You suggested creating an account to post these - prefer you to do that rather than using my username. Equally if you've changed your mind maybe we can leave it here. Here goes ....

Pankstraße is a Berlin U-Bahn station located on the U8 line. It was opened on October 5, 1977 with the line's extension from Gesundbrunnen to Osloer Straße.

The station is constructed as a "Multi Purpose Facility". It is prepared and partially stocked to be used as a NBC shelter for over 3,000 people. If the site had been needed trains would have been run into each platform and doors across the tracks sealed.

The visit to this site was hosted by the Berlin Unterwelten society who run public trips to some underground sites. We swept through this site at a bit of a pace with lots of people so the pics are rather rushed.

Inconspicuous entrance

Blast Door

Sleeping accomodation All the beds and bedding are still waiting ready to be used.


Fully Equipped Kitchen


Entrance onto the station platforms

Plan of the site

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