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Report - - Paris Catacombs 13th and 14th September 2008 | European and International Sites |

Report - Paris Catacombs 13th and 14th September 2008

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Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Fantatstic trip with JanEmil and his friend Michael from Denmark.

Met up at GDN and all the usual stuff etc etc.

Made our entrance in 'the usual way', missed out the Southern stuff like Passe Muraille (so we could concentrate on the North).

the usual tourist stuff to start off with...

La Banga..


Then to the Castle room where we met these chaps...



...followed by the Foxy memorial...




and then on to Le Plage and Cellier, where we had a beer and some food.


Then we headed up to the North, to the Carrefour des Morts, much to the delight of Michael, who is kind of into that sort of thing :crazy

On the way we checked out a few places with regards to maybe sleeping there.

A bit later on we met some of the hardcore Cataphiles who luckily recognised us, and gave us some information, that led to more new things for us. They also told us about a party at Philiberts memorial much later on in the night...


We went there... we had a beer... and then went to sleep. It was mid-morning when we woke up, we got ready and went to look at the St Michel stairwell...


Then we went to Val de Grace and Salle Z... and then took a long route out, obviously via the sand crawl :eek:

Just a couple of tunnel shots...



Finally, we made it outside... and promptly got arrested within 20 metres of the exit. Bastard. Luckily they weren't too bothered by us, they were after druggies, so after an ID check we were on our way.

And finally to round things off, my flight home was cancelled, oh well never mind, it was a great trip with some top guys... thanks :thumb

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