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Report - Paris Catacombs - 8th / 9th December 07

Oxygen Thief

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28days - Oxygen Thief, Paulo999, Solomon and Rug.
Darkplaces - Root, Rubber Duck, Known and Cookie.


Most of us met up at St Pancras and got the Eurostar over. This was supposed to be Roots first go at leading his guys down there so we discussed a suitable route over a few beers.

We met up with Solomon at Gare du Nord, did the usual stuff and headed towards the start point of the GRS.


Usual drill - food and booze purchased, into McD's for some 'food' and then we were heading in. No problems so far.

Me and paulo split off when the DP guys went to the Passe Muraille. We chilled out in Bysance for an hour or so, wondering where the hell all the traffic was. Also, where were the darkplaces guys? They should of been here by now.

Bysance candles...



Paulo sorting the tunes...


We had to backtrack to the south now, on our way to investigate the South West, so we would have a good chance of finding them.

Paulo in Banga (Rue Sarratte)...


So we're at a large junction in the South and bump into somebody...

Paulo - "Hello ! " (thinking it was a darkplaces chap)
Paulo - "Bonsoir ! " (thinking it must be a local)
French Guy - "Police !"
Us - "aaahhhh fuck"

Then we're suddenly surrounded by half a dozen armed cataflics who escort us a short distance to an exit we used to covertly use.

A thorough search looking for drugs and knives we guessed from the dialogue, my map confiscated, then we joined the sizeable exit queue.

The ladder was rigged up the shaft, and we had to sit in a fall arrest harness. This meant that we were waiting ages for our turn to climb, even though they had two harnesses on the go. There was maybe 20 people in our bust, and we guess 30 (?) in the previous bust that got the darkplaces crew.

Anyway to the surface, a bit of a wait and then in the back of the cop van to have your ID taken and get a ticket. I won't say anything but will go ;) instead.

The cops were so cool. Combats and boots, fit looking in a non :gay way, dark blue Asic running tops, guns and stuff. Mainly. The sergeant was nearly a perfect sphere.

Speaking with Paulo, our priority was to get the darkplaces lot underground again. Fuck it, we've seen it all but they've invested a lot of money in this trip.

So we hooked up with Root and co again, who had got lost in the suburbs somewhere. A few discussions later and fair play, they were heading straight back in, and me and Paulo were on the Metro to meet Rug.

The peace wasn't to last. The usual route was crawling with cops and firemen. Cataphiles were hiding in bushes everywhere, so the guys bailed out as soon as they could.

A few more phone calls and 30 minutes later the darkplaces lot caught up with us at the start point of the 13th district, where we had just met Rug and a few more randoms from the big bust.

Manhole entry into the 13th and then we settled down in a nice room for beer, food and wine. Can't remember how long we were there but it was real good fun.





Rug then took us around some great rooms in that network, a good eye opener for those that hadn't been there before...






Well eventually Rug has to leave us down there :eek: and that means we have to do the highly visible manhole exit on our own later on :crazy

He shows us on the map where we're sleeping, and where we get out, says his goodbyes and he's off.

We stayed up for hours chatting, smoking, drinking and eating. I think it was about 07.30 when we went to sleep.





I was up at 10.30 and decided that we should get out sooner rather than later, so we leisurely cooked some food, packed up, and made our way to the exit.

The exact exit plan was discussed and agreed.

We climbed the shaft to just below the surface and regrouped, got our shit together and broke out !

Man it was a traffic stopper!! Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists just watching us. We did it good as well. A few seconds later the lid was closed and we were away.

That's not the end of the story though...

I lost my voice so was pretty fed up about that.

Me and Paulo still had our trainers stashed at the other end of the city and we had to recover them.

After that, we met the rest in a bar, where I fell asleep for hours. The time came to say farewell to Known and Cookie who had to leave on the evening Eurostar.

In the evening, everyone kind of did their own thing. Oh well, we'll all meet up at the Eurostar.

Well me and Paulo did. Root and Rubber Duck were nowhere to be seen and weren't contactable until the afternoon. Seems they had a few to many and had an unplanned lie-in. I'm sure we'll find out what happened in due course.

Well finally...

Sorry to Root and co that your trip went pear-shaped, although it recovered well, and hey what happened was a pretty exciting experience in itself.
Also sorry to root cos you never really got to lead your trip.
And thanks to Rug, always good to meet you mate, and thanks for accommodating the others at the last minute, I know they appreciated it a lot :thumb


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