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Report - Parkside Asylum, Macclesfield

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This is almost completely re-developed now, and they have made a very good job of it with the new build in keeping with the old.
I called in on Saturday with Wifey and there were still 3 buildings which were not yet developed. So on Sunday afternoon I convinced Spook to go and have a look with me.
There aren't really any pictures of this place on here so the report is a bit picture heavy.

From the front, this must have been administration with the clocktower, and the hall at the back flanked by the two towers. I had a look through the glass door and the entrance looks very nice, as though they had managed to keep the original panelling etc.

This was our target, there are two buildings like this and also the longer building behind on the left of the picture, but no longer connected.

Once inside we were disappointed to find the floor removed.

But moving upstairs we found the ground floor was the only part that had been touched.

Top corridor.


We then made a short dash across to the longer building, this was still very boarded and I had high hopes it would have been left alone, unfortunately it was completely gutted.

(Spook's picture)

The cellar looked quite good but the only access was through a hole in the floor so we climbed down, well, Spook climbed down, mine was more of a controlled fall.

(Spook's picture)

We found a few of these down there, they were like something you might put in front of a radiator, but with locks?

From there we found a service tunnel, unfortunately it was blocked at both ends, I had imagined us crawling underneath the lived in parts while people were eating their Sunday dinners.

(Spook's picture)

From there we managed to get to the last building, running across the 20ft gap while the security guard had his back to us.

Ground floor front room, there has been no work in here yet.

Top floor front room.

Pictures of Security are always funny.

Looking back at the first building with the long building to the right, and the hall and towers in the distance.

When we came to leave we found the guard had locked the gates at the front so a few acrobatics were required to get out again, all in full view of the show home and residents.

This is the converted hall, I had a quick look in here on Saturday because the builders had left a door open. Inside there were no indications of what the building had been like, it was just like being in a new building.

Another converted part, there are a few original features around like this covered walkway, it reminded me of the one in the central yard at Whittingham.

There's not much left to see, but I'm glad we made the effort to see what is there now and get a few pictures. I wish I'd gone before they had started the conversion though.