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Report - Pill Box in Sussex 8/11/2014


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Hi all!

Just signed up so this is my first post.

One November afternoon a mate and I were bored and decided to go for a wonder around. I knew of a line of Pillboxes just down the road so suggested that we go from the first one we knew of to the last one. I was told there were a couple between the two that I hadn't seen before.

Anyway, the first one has nothing but fag ends and joint butts in it, the second one was inaccessible due a collapse. The other two were pretty uneventful until we got to the last one. The land owner collared us and in a very polite manner told us to 'do one' but my friend being ever the gentleman decided to reason with her and she said it was fine if we went in, took pictures and got lost.

So thanks to my mate, I can upload these. It would be cool to know if anyone on here has the same surname to either of the scratchings on the wall and maybe even trace them.

1) View of the Western side.


2) Where the gun must have stood.

3) Graffiti by one soldier. I can tell you that Q.O.R stands for Queens Own Rifles, but I don't know what RFNE stands for.

4) More graffiti left by another soldier.

So if anyone can shed any light on either the families of these two fellas, that would be great.

Slightly unrelated but I went to Cuckmere Haven which is down the road a bit. Turns out it was one of the places that we (the Brits) thought that Hitler would invade from so there are some quality bits there too. Including these...


Anti Tank barriers.

Thanks for looking.


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