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Report - - Ford car in ww2 pill box 22nd OCTOBER 2019 | Military Sites |

Report - Ford car in ww2 pill box 22nd OCTOBER 2019

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
When on a bike ride we were in a farmland area of sulham woods,reading,Berkshire looking in and at pillar boxes from WW2. Trying to find an entrance we discovered a manageable hole to get through. Luckily we had our phones and shone a light in the dark room. Noticing there was a stood up wheel on a jack and a small gear stick to the side of the bunker. We raced home and kitted up with stronger torches and raced back to the pill box on the lane next to a
house. Surprised to find a FORD CORTINA old and rusty but still recognisable. Continually Looking around the bunker we found old fanta cans from the yester year and more retro food and drink items. We are still not sure how the car got in there as there is no traces of a wall being cut down or possible entrance for the car.


28DL Regular User
Regular User
Not a pillbox. You'd only be able to get a dinky car into one of them! Interesting though...


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Whilst we tend to think of pillboxes as the fairly small structures for use with a rifle there are a huge number of the much larger types and there are many type 28's along the Pang Valley (part of the GHQ Red Line). These were designed to fit a 2lb carriage mounted gun (ie. on wheels) so have large entrances.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Presumably back-filled where the pile of rubble behind the car is.
Although it does look like it from the inside, all the walls on the outside are fully intact with no cuts expect the hole we got through. Also the rubble is all cans and mostly rusted car parts.

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