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Report - Pilmuir works/ Dunlop Textiles, Dunfermline, June 2018

Terminal Decline

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The Pilmuir works opened in 1849 and was extended over time to become one of the largest mills in the area. In 1860 there were 200 looms at the works, but this had grown to 700 looms by 1913. The mill was acquired by Dunlops in 1947 to weave tyre fabric and continued to do so before closure in 2005 at which time it had the oldest working weaving shed it Scotland. The buildings were given grade A listing in 1993. Redevelopment is currently under way to transform the site into retail units and housing, retaining some of the original buildings.

The explore

This was my first successful explore on my solo Scotland trip in late June. Previously, I had seen a few photos on the friends of the Pilmuir works website which showed the interior of derelict spinning sheds which looked quite interesting, with no apparent vandalism and signs of machinery. However, when I arrived late in the day I was disappointed to find demolition had begun with the weaving sheds completely destroyed though some salvaged materials had been stacked up for reuse. Unfortunately, I was unable to access the engine house or boiler house which looked interesting or the grand Italianate street frontage which was also sealed. However, I managed to find a way into a small section, containing some nice machinery and loads of pigeons which kept crashing around, trying to escape unable to find the large missing section of glass in the roof. I really enjoyed photographing the untouched machinery though I wish I had visited before demolition began and it’s a shame that no one else seems to have been here.

1 DBD_0577 2.jpg

2 DBD_0584 2.jpg

The rear of the street frontage seen from the site of the weaving sheds

3 DBD_0617 2.jpg

Looking into a room containing spinning machinery. On the floor can be seen the mounds of pigeon crap echoing the roof beams above

4 DBD_0588 2.jpg

5 DBD_0591 2.jpg

Looking back towards the entrance

6 DBD_0609 2.jpg

Some pieces of machinery still had their auction labels attached

7 DBD_0614 2.jpg

8 DBD_0624 2.jpg

Inside an office room. The interior was pitch black, so I had to spend ages light painting with an awful torch

9 DBD_0627 2.jpg

10 DBD_0629 2.jpg

Thanks for looking


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Damn, never seen this place before. Looks really good even though you got into only a small bit, fingers crossed some stuff is still kicking around when I'm up that way in November.


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Ahhh!! Speeds sentiment exactly! Tried numerous times and failed, and the really annoying thing is I always knew it was epic!

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