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Report - Pivdena-1 District Heat and Power Plant. Odessa, Jun '15


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Putting aside the fact that those in charge weren't strictly following the rules, there were a few areas where Communism looked like it was heading in the right direction. Maybe they never quite achieved the workers utopia that they promised, but they seem to have done a pretty good job with town planning and infrastructure.
The District heating systems found in almost all the larger Ukrainian towns are one example of where they got it right. Supplying around 60% of Ukraine's heat and hot water needs the system comprises over 7000 heat only boilers and 250 CHP plants.


The hot water is first sent to a main substation (3 & 5) where a heat exchanger drops the temperature from around 120c to 90c and individual lines are connected to local networks. Smaller substations split this heat and water through each building (4). There is a system of pumps along the system (7) which keep the water moving. The systems can be as long as 20-30km from the larger stations; although those tend to be nuclear. This one unsurprisingly isn't nuclear; it's gas, as the majority of them are. Apparently 20% of Ukraine's total gas consumption is used for this purpose.


The supply pipes can be seen all over the Soviet era estates. They're looking a little worse for wear now.


I'm reliably informed that the signs on this building described gas supply, and going by the smell coming from it I've no reason to doubt this..


One of a handful of ancient vehicles dotted about the place.




Sadly it seems that the quote from Parsons was more that the USSR were looking to spend at the time and they went with some smaller units instead. This does also give the ability to run the station at almost any ratio from 100% heat to 100% power. I didn't stop to count; but there were maybe 12 generating sets here.








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Ta, this was pure opportunism. Most of these aren't running in the summer and the door was wide open. The only worker we saw was a really fucking angry man on the way out.


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Great !
The supply pipes are such a common landmark in all Eastern European cities, including mine.
Thank you for sharing, I do hope to see more CHPs soon.


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A most interesting report, which clears up the reason for the pipes you can see all over Odessa from a Google street view. I was wondering if these were heating or gas. Would love a visit to Ukraine.