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Report - Plymouth Barbican Tower Crane evening - 7th8th/3/08

Kernow Expeditionary Force

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28DL Full Member
Well following a fairly irritating day at work on friday i got home, watched TV for a couple of hours but i was bored...i had to get out..... contacting scrub, I decided tonite was the nite to do another crane (scrubs first).....

Kit was rapidly packed and checked....we met and quickly worked out our plan....we planned to tackle Bilbury St as its fairly small and offers great views.....

Access had changed since i first did this one in Dec, but within seconds we were in and looking for the tower amongst the construction.....

with a little teamwork we where quickly up....


Nice little crane...(taken a couple months ago so access was much harder now)


Scrub snapping away (taken from the counterweights....)


Looking over exeter st....


Kernow Expeditionary Force perched on the counterweights with charles church behind....


Wicked long exposure....


looking towards civic centre...


Scrub & Kernow - Euphoric Handshakes all round!

More teamwork on the way down & we where quickly safely offsite and away....We both wanted more.....

Enter Sutton Road tower crane.....


I work only a hundred yards or so away from this one, its much much bigger, a proper crane...id reccy'd it several times in the past and once this week, it was do-able, was it too much? surely there was security? surely we would be seen?

after a quick look about we were onsite....we here now so theres no backing out...a security cage blocking access to the tower was promptly covercome and we were heading up rapidly, scrub was doing well - only his second ever and his first was only half hour before....halfway up i saw a police van followed by sirens parked just outside the site....shite....keep still.....and off they drove elsewhere - we're in the clear.....

after a fair old climb we were up....


Exeter st




Brandon tools, turnbulls and sutton rd


long way down!

anyway more handshakes - we were buzzing, great achievement, but it was time to go, we where quickly down....and heading off site .....a quick photo oportunity arose at the nightwatchmans hut (sure scrub will post that pic :crazy)

im sure i saw torchlight...so a quick dash until we where the otherside of the fence and safe....

we had a yap looking up at the beast to unwind & i was off to get some kip for an early start today........

sutton road tower crane wasnt laughing at me anymore.....;)

thanks to scrub for a blinding unplanned nite!


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