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Report - Plymouth grove pub - april 2011

El Juako

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After years of deliverance and looking for someone to go exploring with, a friend of mine finally proposed it to me, so we got the camera ready, (im still waiting for my tripod to arrive), collected some gear and headed into the nearest place.

plymouth grove pub, we tried to contact the sellers and were kept on hold for a few weeks, after a few more attempts (fruitless ones) we decided to go on our own.


inside, our first sight was a few dead pigeons, and trashed stairwells
we decided to see how damaged was the first floor from the street level before going up and actually stepping on it


there is some damage but we figured we could step in some parts without risk

so we proceeded upstairs after checking around and failing to go into the office part of the building as it was completely blocked by rubble






overall it was a good first experience, we were there for about an hour and didn't go all the way to the second floor since the stairwell looked pretty damaged and the pigeons started to look at us funny.

Juako out


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It's now a Chinese restaurant! I'm really gutted I never found a way in as these shots are amazing! Well done!