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Report - Poole & Bournemouth High Stuff - Feb 2012


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Having not really ventured into any high stuff before and having seen all the amazing pictures from the top of the tower cranes around London and admiring the fantastic night pictures people take, I thought to myself "what better way to make a start than to do some local stuff"

So... after eyeing up a tower crane not 2 minutes from my front door for the last month or so, I decided that there was no time like the present and grabbed my camera and tripod and set about climbing it. In the grand scale of things, this crane is tiny. It was being used to expand Ashdown Leisure Centre in Poole. I don't know how high it was but now it's gone, I wish I'd set up a rope swing from the top and had some more fun.

I decided to wait until it was taken down to post the report up because if word got around, there would be hundreds of kids up it.








Next on the agenda was Bournemouth town centre. I hooked up with Spiderpig one Friday night and we set off into town. We wanted to get on top of the buildings on Westover Road and see if we could find access to the old Ice Rink which has been derelict for many years. It looks like we were too late, after all this time it was finally a construction site for a new gym. Very disappointing. Anyway, we got on the roofs and enjoyed the views.

Westover Road is a popular circuit for local pikeys to show off their chavved up shit pieces to the local underage whores drinking cheap cider in the gardens. How we chuckled, watching them!

Nothing here was really worthy of a picture so we climbed down and headed to the town centre. We made our way onto the only decent building we could find access too and got a couple of shots. For those of you familiar with Bournemouth, you should recognise these. It was also amusing just chilling out, watching the Friday night piss heads staggering round Bournemouth Square.




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