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Report - Porth Wen Brickworks, Anglesey - June 2016 [360°]

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This is a bit of an experiment as I haven't seen any either from a lack of or I have missed them all. I also have no idea if they will embed properly or anything, I just wanted to try it. So here it is my second forum post and first 360 post.

Hopfully anyone looking can get a better feel for the site or just a bit of enjoyment

History from anglesey-hidden-gem.com

Porth Wen is the site of a now mostly unknown Anglesey industrial heritage. You’ll have come across the works if you’ve ever wandered to the east along the Anglesey Coastal Path from Cemaes Bay on the North Anglesey coastline.

Reach back into the very belly fires of Victorian innovation and gigantic industrial growth that taught the world how it was done.

The Victorians were very much like the Romans in that whatever territory they found themselves they would scour the countryside for materials that would sustain their civilisation. It would have been obvious to any Victorian geologist that the North Anglesey coastline indicated an abundance of Quartzite.

EDIT: to see a really interesting view Click Here

Images (unfortunately they won't embed properly on 28dl):

image by Bigsby

image by Bigsby

image by Bigsby

image by Bigsby

image by Bigsby

image by Bigsby
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The brickworks is a beautiful location and the 360 images are an interesting record.
I particularly like the one from the Baxter rock breaker (maybe because I've not seen the view from there for 40 years)

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