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Report - Poulton ROC Post, Gloucestershire Group - 16/05/2010


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Poulton ROC Post, Gloucestershire Group

Date Opened: November 1962
Date Closed: October 1968

The post is OPEN. I've been exploring for two years and only done two ROC posts, which it has to be said is poor. So, over the coming months I'm going to visit all of the posts in Gloucestershire, even the demolished ones. Anyway, I've got nothing to compare it with, but I've browsed the forums long enough to know that for a '68 closure this post is in excellent condition - bone dry, all surface features intact etc.

Inside, various items remain. The bunk beds have been removed since Derelict-Uk's visit, maybe for a restoration ? But there's heaps of photographic paper from the GZI on top of the cupboard, as well as an old siren box, bottles of soaps and part of an aircraft plotting scope pedestal (I think there was an orlit nearby).

Phot0picture time: :cool:


The compound is clearly looked after, although the muddy green paint is all but gone.


Down the ladder:


And into the main room:


Unfortunately that dismantled bedstead is all that's left of the bunks. The cupboards still there though:



With boxes and boxes of photographic paper on top, a remnant of the GZI. From Subbrit:

The Ground Zero Indicator (GZI) consisted basically of a pinhole camera with four holes facing the cardinal compass points. A piece of photographic paper was placed in-front of each hole and in the event of a nuclear burst, the image of the fireball would be projected through one or more of the pin holes. From these, the bearings and elevation of the burst could be calculated.​



The siren, or as it was spelt "syren" box would have held a hand-spun device that emitted a sound a bit like a WW2 air raid siren.





Just as I was getting ready to leave, I heard voices from up the access shaft. The landowner and his wife had obviously noticed the open hatch, and we had a conversation up the shaft. They seemed slightly annoyed at first, but once I explained I was taking photos they relaxed and were kind enough to let me carry on my business. For anyone else planning on visiting, you can just ask at the local farmhouse and I'm sure they'll let you down. :)

So, in Gloucestershire, I have now visited:

Stoke Orchard

Only 17 to go! :rolleyes:

Thanks for reading! :)

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