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Report - Puxton Carpet Mill - Kidderminster - March 2011


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Myself and Dweeb have been looking into the Kidderminster carpet industry for a few months now and we finally found a chance to stop by at the weekend and check out a few of our leads! I've been a bit slack posting up stuff like this lately. To be fair the mill was quite small and had seen better days BUT i really enjoyed this explore and we found some really nice things inside.. This sort of thing is what i really like about exploring, you sit at home, 100s of miles away from your target eyeing up the one or two odd pictures of a place you can find on the net. Then you drive half way across the country expecting 'not alot' and you get there and find a load of mint stuff you really were not expecting!

A nice history of the mill can be found in the linked PDF but heres a summery lifted from flickr..

This late eighteenth century mill was built by Jellyman's, initially for tarpaulin manufacture but was later used for carpet manufacture. Its quality was recognised in March 2005, when it was listed. Its future use remains uncertain.

The massive stash of M&B bottles was an unexpected bonus, just goes to show you should check out all the nooks and crannies! We could have easily looked through the ground floor window of this mill and sacked it off as 'empty' or 'fucked' but we made the effort to get to the first floor despite the collapsed stairs and bam.. reward..