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Report - - Quality Porcelain Enamelling Ltd,Cannock,Staffs 4/8/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Quality Porcelain Enamelling Ltd,Cannock,Staffs 4/8/07

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A man called Martyn

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This site was on my doorstep and i mentioned it to bubblehead who i was working with at the time. It also got me interested in the whole urbex thing once again, so one saturday afternoon i made my way on to the site it was a shock to find this place so silent, because i used to collect parts from a machine tool company next door and the qpe factory was a hive of activity.So for all of you out there who missed this factory a quick recap.Quality Porcelain Enamelling was a leading UK manufacturer of enamelling solutions to a worldwide customer base.Vitreous enamel is recognised worldwide for the finest aesthetic and functional surface for high temperture applications and provides hard wearing decorative properties in other applications.Sadly the firms website appears to have finally stopped working otherwise i would have put a link in.
I have found one old photograph of the factory.In a book about cannock of all our yesterdays It also shows the East Cannock coal mine that once stood on the opposite side of the road and also Cannocks long lost canal basin.I was not to sure about scanning it so left it out.Of course if any folks are interested in seeing this picture i will post it.










The factory is now but a distant memory as the diggers moved in for the kill early last year.