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Report - quarry dean firestone mine surrey - march 2016


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In the last year I have taken a huge interest into the mines in my area, of which there are soo many! My exploring has always been a personal thing and often without a camera, my memorys held all the photos i needed. But without photos it is nothing but a story down the pub. With recent urges to share my explores i have decided to do my first ever post and have my DSLR with me on every trip! so here is one of the many that i have found in the last year.

The history (basic)

Some 10 miles or more of tunnels and galleries have been excavated beneath the area , from a number of separate entrances, or adits, mostly created from pits sunk into the ground above a seam of good quality building stone that has been quarried here for the construction of churches and other buildings, both locally and further afield. Although the quarries have long since ceased production, until their re-discovery by local historians and caving enthusiasts in 1968, they had been almost totally sealed off since the early 18th century, preserving much of the mine system as it was left when stone quarrying ceased at the end of the 17th century.


on this trip our team was made up of me, silentwalker, medwaydan, woody1112. After checking out a few other local mines and holes in the floor we decided to make our way to a series of workings not to far from my house. With all our kit and bags at the ready we made a walk down to what appeared to be the entry point.. Ten mins later and we was in. The first thing you notice about the mine is the diffrence in the way it was worked compared to alot of the more recent mines in the local area. it resembled more of a cave than a mine. after shuffling through puddles on our backsides, DSLR held high. We was met with a few nice crawl spaces and a few larger passages, some holding water.
After about an hour of taking in our surroundings and getting some photos we decided to shoot off and check another local legend....

some photos for ya!








thanks for reading :thumb
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