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Report - RAF Bawdsey ROTOR from the sky - March 2016


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History - This has been covered a few time before but just in case here's the SubBrit: http://www.subbrit.org.uk/rsg/sites/b/bawdsey/

Explore - So I went to Bawdsey with all intentions of going down into the ROTOR but it turns out its been recently sealed. Not what I was looking for. After finding out I was unable to get into the bunker I had no issues in drawing some attention. So..... I sent up the drone.


As with all ROTOR's the standard entrance bungalow




Next to the entrance bungalow you can see the sheltered MT bays and dog cages to the bottom right


From the air I have to say that the Bloodhound Missile Pads look rather good all symmetrical. Also noted at the bottom is the ventilation shaft and the emergency exit from the ROTOR.



With the later instillation of the Bloodhound came its own Type 87 or 86 Radar installed on the below plinths




Well thanks for looking also this is my first post so any tips / criticism would be appreciated.



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Cool, nice to get a different perspective on the place!

Is it really sealed?? Was wide open a couple months ago


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Nice job. Good to see it from a different angle

Dieselkid 63

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As others have said, nice stuff. At first I thought this would be boring as ROTOR's are underground, but those bloodhound pads were cool, as are the dog cages which I haven't seen before. Nicely done (Y)


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I wish it depended on which entrance I used. They have just installed a lovely sheet metal plate over the previous entrants routes. :(
yeh, we failed too when we went - a tour asked us to move on lol, although was one part we never checked - people are getting in somehow, you hear rumours etc, trouble is its ridiculously far for us

"Bert" Weedon

Alan "Bert" Weedon, ex Bawdsey, ex Orfordness
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The rotor bunker R3 was a military site, there are only 2 entrances, a front door under the bungalow guardhouse (Sealed with concrete), and
the emergency exit, as mentioned and photographed above. This now seems to be sealed with a steel plate.

As I mentioned on another thread, the air conditioning is leaking poisonous chlorine type gas. If you intend breaking in please take good torches, a gas detector that can detect chlorine gas, and enough gas masks, or you might not get out.

Neatishead has a similar R3 bunker, 3 firemen died in a fire there in 1966, they got lost in the R3 and their air supplies ran out,