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Report - RAF Bempton - 03/03/2008

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R.A.F. Bempton started life in February 1940 as R.A.F. Flamborough Head, but later that year was re-named Bempton. It was a GCI station for the remainder of the war years, disbanding on 1st August 1945.It then had a brief spell as an Air Ministry Experimental Station Type 31 until 1st November 1945 when the station was shut down. It was then allocated to the Northern Signals Area (90 Group) and placed on a care and maintenance basis. On 1st June 1949, the station was declared operational again as a CHL/CHEL station. On 17th February 1950 it was transferred to Fighter Command, with whom on 1st November 1951, it was re-named as 146 Signals Unit Bempton. 146 Signals Unit disbanded on 1st December 1961, and the station was re-named R.A.F. Bempton. It soldiered on as such until 1st April 1964 when it was disbanded.Bempton was then reduced to a domestic satellite station of R.A.F. Patrington. It remained as such until April 1972, when there was no further requirement for the quarters. It was then reduced to redundant station status. Bempton was finally disposed of, some time in 1980/81.

This place was an ROTOR station that apparently used an experimental 'over the horizon' type of radar, which had a few Russian trawlers 'fishing' of the coast.

Upon reading the above history Me, Mr. Green and Mr. Blue decided to take a drive north east to see what the Russians found so interesting during the cold war. Although I and Mr. Blue are full members, Mr Green has yet to be promoted, over half the pictures in this report are his and we always work as a group. If any admins or moderators are reading this, if you could please make Mr.Green a full member. This would be very much appreciated:thumb

As you can see from the pictures the place is in a very bad state, very difficult to photograph as there is much fire damage and graffiti (some very weird stuff!) all in all we had a very good day, just a pointer to anyone wanting to see it for themselves. Asbestos is very high down there and dust masks are essential!











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