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Report - RAF Chenies ROTOR

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si o doom

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Situated a just a few minutes from the M25, and neatly tucked away in the middle of nowhere, lies RAF chenies one of the ROTOR projects ground control intercept sites, not really knowing what to expect when i headed to this site i have to say i wasn't keen on hearing the words "its a SURFACE site"

straight away this blew my fantasies of finding something along the lines of kelvdon hatch, but i was pleased to see a huge golf ball as i parked my car up :)

The first building we found was one of the old radar plinths with a metal turret in the roof this is have been one of several but sadly the only remains in them seem to be electrical switches and not a lot else :(

There are several fenced off areas with huge concrete anchors and some of the cabling and girders still lying around.

RAF chenies is the only remaining R8 in the country and due to english heratige policy of not listing pre-fab buildings its days are well and truly numbered, sadly we have missed most of the original features but i would recomend anyone goes and sees the place if they are in the area.

Be warned though the golf ball and huge antenna are still live and in use!

Heres the pics









More photos here

Overall a bit of a sad one really, this place is a standing testemant to the power of twats! its stands in the middle of nowhere, yet is slowly being torn down, Double doors have been kicked out still in the frame, floors have been torn up, there are even holes in walls and unless the RAF has decided to start claiming thier property with spray paint some chav has put "my turf" all over the place...........its not your turf now fuck off!

If anyone wants to know more gimme a shout

more info on Rotor and its like can be found