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Report - RAF Manby Officers Block - Lincolnshire - Dec 2014

Mr Sam

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cold frosty early start we headed for the only guaranteed access of the day RAF Stenigot...


after that we popped Manby having watched a youtube clip of some chap doing a vid of the exterior, we poked a popular small camera on a "selfie stick" through a window, once in watch out for the holes O doom! also a little strange theres a small upstairs area locked off with a light on! Sadly not a lot to see items wise and airsofters have peppered the decor, interesting feature is the main stairwells then segregated servants stairwell. The rest of the site is used as an industrial estate one of the hangars remains in a burnt out state, the water tower is well fenced off and the servicemens houses look to be now private ownership

RAF Manby was situated near the village between 1938 and 1974. Houses in Manby were built for RAF personnel, with village streets named after aeroplanes.

When the station closed 64 houses on the married quarter estate in Siskin Crescent were sold in March 1987 to Roger Byron-Collins company The Welbeck Estate Group and following refurbishment the houses were sold to local buyers. Nearby to RAF Manby The Welbeck Estate Group also acquired in February 1992 the entire airfield and married quarter estate at RAF North Coates.

The airfield sold for commercial use. It is now a business park, and the former airfield has been returned to agriculture with an intensive cattle fattening plant. The headquarters of East Lindsey District Council occupies one of the buildings on the site.

In 2008 East Lindsey District Council proposed that the site be a possible location for an eco-town of 5,000 homes; it appeared on a government shortlist of ten such sites. After protests from residents the council voted to withdraw the plan.
Lincoldnshire tour with MD and Goldie87

























The Wombat

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Re: RAF Manby Officers Block - Lincolnshire - Dec '14

Absolutely perfect photos
good work Mr Sam :thumb


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ive been in here a few times and taken a lot of pictures . but last time I meet the security man who boards up the windows . he told me that until he worked here he didn't believe in ghosts, he has heard doors banging up stairs and footsteps . he said he honestly believes it to be haunted , there is also a church opposite down the drive with germans buried there .
great place always go when I visit my sister


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Photo 5
Looks like there is a man in the doorway looking right at the camera.
Black bobble hat on. Black sweater with white logo on left breast.
Tan boots.
Left hand thumb casually in front jeans pocket.

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