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Report - RAF Newton 01.02.09

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Managed to pursuade Jesus (for the first time in fooking aaaaaages) and BravoZeRo to join me on a winter wonder round the former RAF base, saw a few new sites today but got spooked by chavs sporting balaclavas who later turned out to probably be fellow UE'ers

Anyhoo, on with pics, usual entry point so a few of the houses first...






Always a good sign, but this is the point where the footpath conveniently disappears into nothingness

Right onto some parts of the base that are right in the heart of security territory...







After wondering around the heart of the base we then decided to have a lookie at a building I have never seen covered in any reports, mainly due to the fact it is directly behind the security hut and is pretty much constantly watched, on the way round to it we didnt notice the secondary security hut for the live section of the base that we pretty much walked straight past, and god knows how they didn't notice us..
Although on the way back round we nearly walked straight into Mr Hi-vis himself who promptly got on the radio to the main base security while we made a quick exit...

Rather large building, although unfortunately not accessible at the moment.


Might as well try....nope....locked



At another entrance to the base, bit of a contrast to the opposite section of the site.

Some random shots on the way back to the car




Just before we were about to leave, while sitting in the car at the usual layby the group who we were previously being wary of turned up and one of them sorting woodland combats gave us a couple of knowing nods as we drove past, leading us to conclude that they had spotting our camera kit slung across our backs and realised that we were probably fellow UE'ers.

So if you were there on 1st of Feb and you own a rather tasty looking modified golf the OWN UP :p It was me you nodded to!!

Cheers for looking at the pics, most of em came out really grainy as I only looked at my ISO in the car on the way back and realising it was still on Ho.3 from the previous nights experiments :freak Thought I may as well post the pics anyway. Oh, and I don't know why some of the pics are rotated, I edited them out on photobucket but for some reason it still comes out horizontal here :banghead

Anyway, thanks for lookin'

Peace, Out

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