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Report - RAF Nocton Hospital, Lincolnshire - Jan 2020


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So this was my third time Urban Exploring, and it was a great site to visit. I think this place has been done to death on here however, so sorry for repeating anything said previously.

During our visit we were spotted by two people. The first was a man, who said hello before we even attempted to get in, he was an older gentleman but had no problem showing us a couple of gaps in the fences. The second was a women who spotted us on the site, just as we were about to leave and was very quick to tell us in was private property and that we weren't allowed there.

Note to anyone going soon: The main water tower on the site has been bought and has plans to be turned into a grand designs style house, so the site may become harder to explore, however, looking at the RAF Nocton FB group, suggests the new owners regularly host tours round the site for old members of staff. [Link]


Nocton Hall was bought by the RAF in 1940 and turned into an RAF hospital. The hall itself used as a clearing station. in 1943, the Americans began using the site and it became home of the united states army seventh general hospital.

At the end of the war, in 1945, Nocton Hall was selected to be a permenant RAF Hospital for the county of Lincolnshire, with 740 beds, it was used by both civilians and forces personel. It was used up until 1983, until it was closed as a military hospital. From what I can tell, it was then used as a care home before being completely abandoned in 1995.

Now, the site is regularly visited by veterans and staff of the camp, who remember there days at Nocton fondly. We didnt visit the main hall as its heavily fenced off, but were told it is owned by a family in oxford, who refuse to repair it. Such a shame.

Here are some old photos I managed to find for contrast:









Photos from our explore:
















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This is one place that never seems to change that much, looks much the same as it did when I was there a good few years ago now.


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Agree with Mookster, looks just the same as when I visited a couple of years back. I like your pictures though, just my sort of thing.


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Yes, I've looked through some of the first posts from the place from 2006, looks very similar to what it did yesterday. Shame its been vandalised so much...

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Nice comparison pics, some seriously nice derpage there, peely goodness. So appealing. I will have to look up when this was first built?. Standing the test of time there, very derpy but standing.


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Hi All. I loved it here, I went twice years ago, lot has changed. Want to return. Last time I contacted the Landlord Company and arranged a tour. Offered to pay with beers but the site man said just take your time and i'll come back in few hours to lock up. I would love to go soon! After the Lock down of course. Can anyone suggest the new landlord owners or how I can arrange a tour again? I would happily pay to visit this site once more


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Went here earlier this week. Got a good 2 hours of exploring after spending an hour working out how to get in hah. Got caught on the way out and was escorted out by a lady who owns some of the land. They’re currently doing work on it, so this may make it a little harder to explore some areas. We only managed to explore through one (very large building). Btw the older photos you found are beautiful !! I had no idea it used to look like that. Very different now though.


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Anyone know if this is still around to explore?
Yes it is! The hall is harder to access but the hospital is quite easy. You’ll have to be careful thought because part of the sight is currently being used as I think they’re building something??? Not too sure though. But there is still large parts which you can easily get to- although it’s all surrounded by a huge fence