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  1. xplorer.x

    Report - Royal Papworth Hospital, Early May 2019

    Intro It's about time I posted a report. I am not new to Urbex at all, but I think its time for me to try something new. Lets see how it goes.. The Explore First Visit My first visit to this place was by far the scariest. As I had never done an explore like this before, this was all new to...
  2. A

    Experienced but need more place to go (located Essex)

    Hello I’m new to this site but experienced. Travel to locations with a mature experienced massive group of mates, always prepared with exits and ladders I’ve explored Brentwood police station in Brentwood - Detached bastion in Dover - Prisoner of war camp 116 at Hatfield Heath - Redoubt Fort...
  3. Albotterin

    Report - Sanatorium Wienerwald

    The Wienerwald Sanatorium is a former pulmonary sanatorium in Lower Austria. It was used in the 2nd World War and was later as a Nursing home for the sick. It was finally cloed in 2002. 2007 there was a case of Animal-Hoarding where a woman kept over 80 cats and dogs there. This unofficial...