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  1. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Rauceby Hospital, Lincolnshire - Nov 2020

    The History: The hospital was designed by George Thomas Hine and construction started in 1897 and was concluded five years later when the institution opened in 1902. Kesteven County Council oversaw the hospital and it was renamed the Kesteven Mental Hospital in 1924 and then again in 1933 as...
  2. iiellsush

    General - Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth

    At this point I’m sure you’ve all read about Talgarth hospital / asylum so I won’t ramble on about it’s history I just wanted to tell my story and experience visiting. opening in 1903 and closing in 1999 the building has since stood dormant with empty walls and falls slowing crumbling over time...
  3. UrbexGem.

    Report - Ridge Lea Hospital, Lancaster - 2018-2020

    First of all I apologise that these aren’t in any particular order and poor quality (iPhone). I couldn’t find any posts on here with pictures from inside, so thought I’d post mine from several visits. There isn’t a lot documented about Ridge Lea, but it was a mental health unit/asylum close to...
  4. RobbRae

    Report - RAF Nocton Hospital, Lincolnshire - Jan 2020

    So this was my third time Urban Exploring, and it was a great site to visit. I think this place has been done to death on here however, so sorry for repeating anything said previously. During our visit we were spotted by two people. The first was a man, who said hello before we even attempted...
  5. xplorer.x

    Report - Royal Papworth Hospital, Cambridge - May 2019

    Intro It's about time I posted a report. I am not new to Urbex at all, but I think its time for me to try something new. Lets see how it goes.. The Explore First Visit My first visit to this place was by far the scariest. As I had never done an explore like this before, this was all new to...
  6. Albotterin

    Report - Sanatorium Wienerwald

    The Wienerwald Sanatorium is a former pulmonary sanatorium in Lower Austria. It was used in the 2nd World War and was later as a Nursing home for the sick. It was finally cloed in 2002. 2007 there was a case of Animal-Hoarding where a woman kept over 80 cats and dogs there. This unofficial...