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Report - RAF Ternhill, Shropshire



Approximately half-way between the village of Stoke on Tern and the A41, on a road named Warrant Road, are some buildings which I assume were something to do with the RAF airfield (WW2 or later?) - they're on the left-hand side as you head north-east to the airfield.

Google Earth shows the site to be roughly rectangular in shape with around 27 smaller buildings sited along the three sides away from the road and main entrance. The fourth, road, side has half-a-dozen larger buildings with what look like about a dozen blast shelters scattered around them. And left of centre of the site is a large open area - recreational?

There's one large building to the right of the site which looks as though it's been renovated. On Google Earth it's the long building with a darker green roof.

Could the site have been for munitions manufacture? Seems a little small for that. Or was it the barracks for the RAF base?

Although it seems quite remote - there's a house nearby on the other side of the road - there's a fair bit of traffic along Warrant Road; at least there was on the Tuesday early afternoon I was there. (There's a Young Offenders' Institute just up the road and also a sports centre)

#1 - by the main entrance.

#2 - behind #1

#3 - side view of #1

#4 - to the right of the main entrance

#5 - blast shelter?

#6 - general view from Warrant Road

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