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Report - RAF Upper Heyford - January 2009'

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I've spent alot of time and cover most the different areas at RAF Upper Heyford but all at night. So i thought to get a group togther and hit it hard in daytime. The place is massive we spent 9 1/2 Hours there and only scratched the surface covering just the base amenities really, a return visit is needed for the Airfield and Technichal Site.

RAF Upper Heyford was a Royal Air Force station located 5 miles (8 km) north-west of Bicester near the village of Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, England. The base was brought into use for flying in July 1918 by the Royal Flying Corps. During World War II it was used by many units of the RAF, mainly as a training facility. In September 1939 it was the home of No. 70 Wing RAF with No.s 18 and 57 Squadrons, part of No. 2 Group RAF. From March 1946 until June 1950 it was the home of No.1 Parachute Training School RAF. In 1950 the USAF came over and started to redevelop the Airfield for the heavy B-36 and B-50 bombers. In May 1951 the RAF officially handed the base over to the USAF.

During the Cold War, Upper Heyford served as a base for United States Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC) strategic bombers and United States Air Forces In Europe (USAFE) tactical reconnaissance and fighter aircraft in the UK.

The base was last used in Anger in 1991 when it paid a vital role in Operation Desert Storm, there F-111Es attacked a range of targets, including power plants, petroleum refineries, airfields, nuclear-biological-chemical processing and storage facilities, and electronics sites throughout northern Iraq. When Desert Storm ended, the wing had deployed 458 personnel, flown 1,798 combat missions without a loss, and dropped 4,714 tons of ordnance.

Upper Heyford was unique among bases in the United Kingdom as only the flight-line area required military identification to access. The rest of the base, save the commercial facilities, was accessible to military and non-military alike.

The base was home to the Upper Heyford High School Hadites until 1975 when the school moved to RAF Croughton. It kept the Name Upper Heyford High School Until 1982 then was changed to Croughton High School. The Upper Heyford/Croughton High School Hadites were renowned across DoDDS Europe high schools for their athletic

On 15 December 1993, the flight line at RAF Upper Heyford was closed. On 1 January 1994, the 20th Fighter Wing inactivated at RAF Upper Heyford and was transferred without personnel or equipment to Shaw AFB, South Carolina, where it inherited the personnel and F-16s of the inactivated 363rd Fighter Wing.

At that time, RAF Upper Heyford came under the 620th Air Base Wing, until 30 September 1994 when the base was returned to the Ministry of Defence.

My Pictures

The Hospital





All that remains of the Bowling ally, Just the sign


Loney Looking Bleechers


The High School which included a very cool indoor Volley Ball court including sand











Water Tower


Gas Station


Skyking 200 seat Cinema



Thanks for looking


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