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Report - Rankine Tailrace, Niagara Falls, Canada.


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This tunnel has been done to the death. As such, my EXCUSE, is i shot the pics on film and was part of a crew (Snappel, Little Mike, Loops, Sgt Marshall and Shane) who became so enthralled with the (finally very successful) idea of ascending out of the tailrace tunnel into the power station, that most of them (save Shane who dedicated 45 minutes to shooting just the outfall lol) forgot they had cameras. Plus did i say i shot film? :p

Also, Rankine's tailrace sat, bukake-ing water into the Niagara River the entire 10 months i lived in Toronto between 2005 n 2006. Plus, i recall photos of its outfall being posted in the Cave Clans Il-Draino magazine as far back as 1997. They turned the flow off 4 months AFTER i left Canada. It took 3 years for me to get back. Heres a few piccies ;)

After scrabbling over the roof of the beloved concrete behemoth that is the OnPCo power station, you find yourself infront of a Natural Wonder of the World, with a shiny scalp....

That LORD OF THE RINGS outfall.

How many people have posed this pose? Lots, but its a wonder to behold (lol @ f 3.5/28mm DOF fail).

The ramp is slippery, you wouldnt have thought it.

The biggest Star Trek Transporter ever..

Looking downstream from the bottom of the wheelpit.

Water in the air everywhere.

Snappel and Mike save the day (after 40 rope throw attempts lol).:Not Worthy

Rappelling up through little waterfalls.

After climbing 9 storeys of grease coated ladder, you find yourself exploring a monthballed hydro power station in waders... ?!