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Report - Red Barn Drain - Chadderton - October 2015

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Red Barn Drain – Chadderton


This was a pleasant stroll; after various levels of success at other locations Ojay mentioned the magic word ‘DRAINS’ clicked his heels 3 times and we ended up here.

Red Barn drain carries the Wince Brook through Chadderton; the drain got its name from a nearby pub, this has now changed names and masquerades as a bar and restaurant.

As drains go this one has it all, brick work, stone work, concrete sections, interesting formations and the odd side passage. Better still it’s not a welly breacher so you only get wet feet if you have a hole in you boot or I suppose slip over!

Enough of the introduction, it's time to see what lurks beyond the keyhole.


As you enter the drain you are immediately impressed with the initial brick work section.


The first section is probably about 400m long with a 7ft diameter, an old pipe sticking out the wall.


A bit further up is another interesting feature, a couple of small pipes enter the brick drain.


The further in you get the more interesting the features become and I'm not on about Ojay.


Nicely coloured deposits on the walls of the drain.


This section terminates at a nice brick chamber, with a surface water feed from a pipe,


Looking back down the section of drain we had just come up.


Now into a short stoopy section, about 4ft in diameter and interesting to see the deformation of the brickwork making this section looked squashed.


It might be stoopy, but still very nice.


That section was short lived and soon opens out again into a squashed 7ft section (That's not Ojays waist size these days either).


Again back to some great colours and formations and transition into a shot stoopy concrete section..


This soon becomes a very nice deformed brick section.


Looking back with some great stalactites hanging from the roof.


Now into a section of egg shaped brick drain.


This leads you nicely up to the transition to the stone lined section of the drain.


Probably my favourite section of the whole drain.


The stone drain then reduces in diameter again to around 4ft and is brick lined again.


This is more or less the end of the road for us, things were remaining small and was assured it doesn't open up any further up.


A nice side drain intercepts the drain at this point.


More or less the end for us, we decided to head about another 100m up the 3ft section just to see who was through the key hole?


I should have known really, it was an Ojay in his natural environment.

Great drain and an enjoyable day out, a big thanks to Ojay for being my lighting bitch.



The Lone Ranger

Safety is paramount!
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Some decent pics, I always mean to get my camera out on revisits here but end up lighting
Cheers Ojay, was a nice stroll. About time I got myself a lighting bitch :D

The Lone Ranger

Safety is paramount!
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Cheers all, a grand culvert and well worth a visit.

About my fav drain I've done this, nice.
It is a good one and enjoyed seeing your report while researching, not you usual haunt, but some cracking photos as usual :thumb


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Shit, this is a lovely place but this shot really does it for me :)

Does anyone know what causes such a beautiful site? Is it just the continuous darkness, wet conditions and stale air?

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