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Report - Redcar Steelworks October 2019


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Decided to upload these some time after the visit due to the police and security presence at the time. Can't believe it was over a year ago me and @jaws visited!

I don't know of any history on the place which isn't like me at all, I usually get some background information on a site before a visit however it was decided we just went for it and we got caught very quickly.
The images presented are what we managed to see before getting caught.

After jumping over a couple of fences we got onto the site and started taking pictures. At the time we thought we we scot-free, walking about like no one could see us. 20 mins in we tried to enter a large part of an open building to hear a loud, high pitched alarm which immediately made me panic. We stayed in this are for a good hour thinking about whether to continue into the this building despite setting off the alarm. Sometime later we saw foxes on the site and other animals which could have potentially set off the alarm but I was adamant it was us. Whilst thinking about entering the buildings over the course of the hour we watched 2/3 white pickup trucks circle us. We thought it was just a normal security check however after getting caught it turns out they were watching us with binoculars and contacted the police. Whilst debating whether to continue further we heard a loud police siren to which we decided to walk toward it. I'd much rather be caught by coppers than secca! We were then questioned, somewhat searched and nicely escorted back to our car (they knew exactly which car we arrived in and how we got onto to the site...)

Personally worth the trip, got some nice pics and it was different change of scenery.

Enjoy the pics!

Shutterbug x



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28DL Full Member
You forgot to mention the 15 minutes it took in the back of that van to get back to the car, thought we were on the way to the cells!


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Looks like you had a good run! The security operation here is just bonkers


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28DL Full Member
Where you were parked up if that's your car in the first pic is Grangetown this looks more like the BOS Plant at Lackenby deffo not Redcar still well done on getting as far as you did. Secca are truly on the ball here and all over the complex inc Redcar, thanks for posting good effort.

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I saw the first picture before scrolling down and thought this ent looking good then wow a major surprise great report mate !!


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Good effort there mare it is pretty nuts for secca. I think we had half a dozen or more pick ups circling us when we were up the blast furnace a few years ago. It’s tightened up more since then too.

It’s such a huge, epic site. OneI really aught to go back to and try and see more.


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Still a good set of nice industrial derpage to show for it so some positives!

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