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Report - Redmires Water Treatment Works, Sheffield, July '11


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Redmires Reservoirs are located in Fulwood, Sheffield in South Yorkshire. They are fed from various small streams including Fairthorn Clough from the Hallam Moors. Consisting of three reservoirs known as Upper, Middle and Lower, these were built to supply clean drinking water to Sheffield following a Cholera epidemic in 1832.

Dating back to 1950, the works supplied water to the south-western outer areas of Sheffield utilising the Ringlow and Rudd Hill service reservoirs It used seven horizontal pressure filters which were installed in 1950 and clear water tank which was installed 1983.

Preliminary treatment of the water began in the lower reservoir before it was filtered. Lime was added to separate the natural aluminium from the water, making it clump together so it could be filtered out.

The Treatment Works produced water below modern standards, although it was still safe to drink. The water was of a satisfactory colour and cleanliness, but iron and aluminium levels were too high. A new plant was constructed opposite the old works in 1986-8 and made use of the Australian system called the Sirofloc Process. The water from this new plant was then piped to the old works to be filtered as a final process.

Closed around 1997.

Visited solo. Didn't quite have the adventure getting there that others had. Visit cut short due to decreasing light, plenty more to see though.

And now the pics...







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Cool location. Probably my favorite so far :)
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