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Report - - Reigate Fort / Mobilisation Centre. 01/01/07 | Military Sites |

Report - Reigate Fort / Mobilisation Centre. 01/01/07

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too old to be reckless
28DL Full Member
Well it has been done before but since I was on a brisk family stroll in the area I thought I'd nip behind the fence and across the bridge to see how this place was getting on. Managed to take some truly awful pics - the lens must have still had dust on from Shorts on Saturday.... oh well. The last couple of photos are of other (WW2) buildings that are either side of the path that continues across the Downs.

The NT have started to board up ares they don't want people to get into when the fort is open


They have started boarding the doors in this part too

But I got in anyway

This area is still backfilled. I thought they were planning to dig it out but nothing has happened yet (it is still accessible with a bit of a squeeze but I had me best Sunday coat on so didn't bother)

And two other bunkers




28DL Full Member
Re: Reigate Fort / Mobilisation Centre. Report 01/01/07

Went up there this morning, what a great little site. The NT are trying their best to get the site presentable and secure but it looks like whenever they do something the chavs wreak it.
Its all still open and worth a look.



Walking back to the car I was getting strange looks from people, didnt work it out until I got onto the M25, I still had my head torch on:rolleyes: