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Report - Return to the Black Widow June '09


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Been a few years since i was last on here with Jackal and robsey and to be honest i was nether happy with the original pics, so when Phuge rang and asked if i fancied a night of exploring with him and walders i ran to the shed and grabbed the boat.

We started the night of at the Detached in Dover then to ali + niks for tea and insults followed by a explore of D.O.E in Dover before the sub.

Arriving in Rochester standing by the medway it became quite aparent that the three of us would not fit in the dingy at once, this ment going 2 at a time dropping one of at the sub then rowing back for the other one.

Its bad enough fighting a current in a stupid dingy on the medway but that was nothing compared to the pigions.. they fucking sucked and wasnt happy at us being there to say the least.

Once inside we spent a couple of hours taking the pics then headed out, this is where it started to get a bit messy, myself and huge rowed back with ease as we were not fighting the current, it was on the way back to pick up walders from the sub when a oar snapped, its ok i joked to walders we got another one, he jumped in and we headed of, somewhwere in between the sub and dryland there was a crack the 2nd oar snapped, i mutterd to walders something along the lines of we are fucked,
as the current took us down the medway by some luck we managed to grab the paddel part of the oar,with this and using our hands we somehow managed to get back to the river bank after about a half hour.

With out a doubt this is the last time i visit this,,, still cool as fuck though :thumb

If anyone is thinking of doing this id strongly advise on checking the tide times, the current on the medway is strong and would of been rather embarrassing having to call the coastgaurd out :banghead












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