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Report - Riber Castle, Matlock, Derbyshire


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This was our first ever actual site visit (about a year ago now) we had been browsing on 28DL for some time! Even though the site was very easy to access and explore, and there was absolutely no security present... we still felt very naughty sneaking round the site to get our photos! :p:

The history of Riber Castle has been pretty well documented on here but will briefly go over it for those who don't know.

Riber Castle is a 19th century Grade II listed country house situated in the hamlet of Riber on a hill overlooking Matlock, Derbyshire.
Over the years it has been a private home, a boys school, and most recently a zoo up until September 2000 when it closed.
The park was criticised heavily for the treatment of the animals kept there,and the closure was not without controversy.

The castle itself is in complete disrepair now. There were plans to turn the shell into apartments which received consent in 2006 but work is yet to commence.


The castle and the town of Matlock are key locations in the Shane Meadows film Dead Man's Shoes. Anyone who has seen the film will recognise this part of the castle. The second photo was taken inside the hut!



Remnants of the zoo are clear, with footpaths, enclosures and buildings still present.




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